Did you receive a mail-in ballot? Look a little closer & you'll see that top-two is already used in most local elections and citizens love it. Amendment 3 will expand this to all offices, so independents aren't shut out of crucial elections.

Florida, it's time for fair and open primaries.

Amendment 3 is on the ballot this November, it's time for young voters to step up against the status quo & support Top-two Open Primaries.

What is Amendment 3?

The State Bureau of Elections summarizes Amendment 3 as:
"Allows all registered voters to vote in primaries for state legislature, governor, and cabinet regardless of political party affiliation. All candidates for an office, including party nominated candidates, appear on the same primary ballot. Two highest vote getters advance to general election. If only two candidates qualify, no primary is held and winner is determined in general election. Candidate’s party affiliation may appear on ballot as provided by law. Effective January 1, 2024."

Florida's current primary system is that they are closed and partisan. For the 27% of all registered voters in FL that don't affiliate themselves with the Democratic or Republican parties, this means that they aren't able to vote in the major primary elections. Even if a voter is affiliated with a party, their options are limited. They cannot vote for someone outside their party, even if they are the better candidate.

Amendment 3 will establish a top-two open primary system for primary elections for state legislators, the governor, and cabinet in Florida. It's time that we brought that system here to the Sunshine State because Floridians deserve a fair and open primary system. Read the full amendment text here.

The Team

We are a youth-led initiative powered by Open Primaries, a 501c4 organization that advances efforts to enact and protect open primaries through legislation, ballot referendums, voter mobilization, and direct advocacy campaigns. Learn more about Open Primaries at openprimaries.org.

Elena Ashburn, Co-Director

Elena Ashburn is a high school junior based out of Broward, Florida. She is the Co-Founder of Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen, and she wears many hats for that organization, including Co-Editor-In-Chief and Outreach Coordinator. She is a Civics Unplugged Founding Fellow, working on many different projects like DICCE. Additionally, she is a youth reporter for EarthX/Planet 911 and an award-winning poet.

Dariel Cruz Rodriguez, Co-Director

Dariel Cruz is a sophomore in high school and dual-enrollment student at Valencia College in Orlando, FL. He is an active part in his community through organizations like Student Government. Outside of his school, he plays an active role as a citizen: writing letters to his representatives on the regular, participating in active discussions amongst his peers, and more.

Get Involved

Video Testimonies: We are currently looking for young voters (or high schoolers) across the state to record video testimonials about why they support Amendment 3. This is a volunteer opportunity. Click here to learn more!

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Common Arguments & Myths

There are many misconceptions and questions about Amendment 3 that can easily be answered with some information. Below is a matrix of some our commonly asked questions/arguments.

"I don't want Republicans voting in my primaries! (and vice versa)."Amendment 3 gets rid of partisan primaries, they vanish! There is only one big top-two primary election where everybody can vote, including the 3.6 million independent voters in the state.
"Top-two primaries can produce two candidates of the same party, I don't want a race where there's only members of a certain party running!"It is possible to get two candidates of the same party, but that would only be the case if a majority of voters chose those people. Even in this scenario, those politicians will actually be held more accountable to everyone and not just members if their own party under top-two. California has this same system and of the thousands of elections taken place, this scenario only happened ONCE.
"You want to be able to vote in a party? Join that party."The present day two-party system has wreaked havoc on independent thought. The Democratic and Republican parties have shifted to extreme views: independent voters should not have to identify with a party that their values don't line up with to get a voice in the primaries.
"Independent voters can just vote in the General Election."Primaries matter significantly. In the age of Gerrymandering, Florida general elections are so noncompetitive that 40% of general election races having candidates running uncontested. The primaries are usually where the real choices are.
"Why should I care? I'm not an independent voter."The current partisan primaries are taxpayer funded elections and offers few meaningful choices to everyone, regardless of party affiliation. It elects politicians who only listen to the most partisan of their members because that’s all they need to get elected. We simply cannot call our self a true democracy with that.